Wudcare Superfast PVA Wood Adhesive

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Wudcare Superfast PVA Waterproof Adhesive is a weatherproof and water-resistant strong PVA glue that has unbreakable structural strength.

This 5 Minute Super Fast PVA Adhesive can be used with virtually all woods, wood veneers, mouldings and high-pressure decorative laminates, i.e. Formica.

Suitable for both interior and exterior use, Wudcare Superfast PVA Waterproof Adhesive can be used for rapid bonding of wood to wood where a fast set, high bond strength and excellent water-resistance are required.

Meets water resistance requirements of BS EN 204 to durability category D3 and conforms to BS 4071 creep test in respect of bond strength resistance to sustained loads.