CT1 CT-1 Superfast Plus Adhesive

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A new concept in superglues, Superfast is almost a pure cyanacrylate with an amazing ability to bond and in many cases fuse base materials together.

SUPERFAST PLUS is an adhesive which bonds in seconds and has a special formula based on Cyanacrylate.

SUPERFAST  PLUS is a one component adhesive which does not contain solvent and consists mainly of Athyl Cyanacrylate Monomer.

SUPERFAST PLUS is temperature resistant in the range from 30°C up to 100°C.

SUPERFAST PLUS is resistant to solvents, oils, benzene, temperature fluctuations and atmospheric conditions.

No heating – No soldering – No mixing.
Very high tensile strength.
Bonds in seconds.


SUPERFAST PLUS provides an exceptionally
strong bond between almost all kinds of
materials, with the exception of polyethylene,
polypropylene and fluorine containing plastic
materials. Materials which can be bonded:
ABS, aluminium, bakelite, bronze, buthyl,
celluloid, choroprene, chrome, delrin, glass,
copper, natural rubber, NBR, neoprene, nitril,
nylon, phenol, polycarbonate, polystyrene,
porcelain, hard PVC, stainless steel, steel. For
porous materials, use with SUPERFAST
PLUS Activator.