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Top Tips on Keeping Your Van and it’s Contents Secure

‘No tools left in this van overnight’
How many times have we seen this stickered on to the back of a works van? More than once we suspect! On the face of it, this sticker may seem a bit of a clichè, but the sheer ubiquity of this sticker certainly does indicate how seriously businesses take van security, and for good reason. Tools and equipment are becoming heavier and more valuable as time goes on, therefore emptying a van of tools every night just isn’t always practical. Therefore making sure a van is as secure as possible is almost a necessity.

Insurance statistics show that the average theft related insurance claim from a LCV (light commercial vehicle) is £1752. That statistic tallied with an average of 2170 LCV insurance claims per day makes us think a little more security is needed on top of that humble sticker!

The Basics

To start with, here are some simple reminders on how to lessen the risk of a theft. These may seem somewhat basic, but they can be surprisingly easy to overlook during the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Don’t leave your van unlocked and unattended

Many have done it, whether it’s on the road outside a customer’s house, or on the way home picking up a pint of milk, leaving a van unlocked can leave the door wide open (no pun intended) to opportunistic thefts, not to mention invalidating some insurance polices too.

Keep windows closed

As above, it’s an easy one to overlook, particularly in the summer months.

Steel window Grills/window tints

No matter how beefed up door locks are, window glass still remains a weak link. Steel window grills and blanks not only provide a visual deterrent, but also a physical deterrent. Not to mention the fact they can be installed in minutes.

Chain & padlock items to the inside of the van

It might seem extreme, but it would certainly make life harder for any prospective thief, not to mention it’s also easier than emptying a van every evening!

Mark tools with a UV pen

Smart ‘UV’ pens can be very effective in tracking down stolen goods should the worst happen. The ink is invisible to the naked eye, but shows up when exposed to Ultra Violet light. A sneaky and affordable way to track and safeguard tools and possessions.


Whilst most new vans feature an array of security devices, not everyone can afford to drive around in the latest vehicles. Older vans, as one would expect, are not so secure. It’s not all bad news though, as there are many ways to enhance the security of older vans for a relatively little outlay.

Install a Thatcham CAT1 alarm

Thatcham category 1 alarm systems are some of the most fancy and high tech systems on the market and can be retrofitted to almost any vehicle. Whilst not cheap, they are very effective at preventing would be thefts.


These automatically lock a van door when it’s slammed shut. The idea is to prevent opportunist thieves entering the vehicle when it has been left unattended for a short period of time.


A deadlock is ‘a mechanical device fitted to a vehicle door. It operates by launching a bolt into a receiver fitted to the opposing body section when operated by an external key’. Deadlocks are extremely difficult to pick due to the fact that they have no spring mechanism that can be forced open. Anyone wanting to open these locks needs a key to open or shut them.

Van lock protection plates

While not technically a lock, it is possible to source specially made steel plates that encase your existing van locks to prevent thieves from trying to drill or prise them out.

Each of these locks are relatively inexpensive to buy and are available from a range of online suppliers or fitters.

Van Vault

Van Vault prides itself in developing the most comprehensive choice of durable and innovative security solutions to deter and prevent the most intelligent thieves from stealing your equipment.

The Van Vault 2 is a high security steel storage box designed for commercial vehicles. The idea is that valuable tools and equipment can be quickly and easily stored and locked away inside. Even if a thief did manage to gain access to the vehicle, equipment would still be safe due to the Van Vaults security features:

  • 4 x reinforced fitting points.
  • 70mm disc lock – highly effective anti-pick and anti-drill stainless steel disk lock.
  • Single pin hinge - tamper proof 'no pull' design prevents lid removal.
  • Tough sheet steel construction.




To see more information on our Van Vault range CLICK HERE

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