Master Plug PRO-XT Medium Open Cable Reel 4 Gang 25m 13a with Thermal Cut-Out

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This large and robust extension reel has been engineered for longevity and reliability. The plastic drum provides reliable cable management when in use, in transportation or storage. The reel is mounted in an open tubular frame with a prominent easy to use carry handle and rewinding knob.

A localized power switch with an LED indicator is integrated to give you more control over your devices. A thermal safety cut-out is also featured, reducing the risk of electrical fire due to overheating and power surge.

The cable is high-visibility green, so that trip hazards or accidental cutting are less likely.

Features and Benefits

• Robust open cable extension reel with 4 Britsh Standard UK sockets
• Space saving style
• Thermal cut-out protection
• High visibility cable
• Power on/off switch
• Power LED indicator


A robust unit with shuttered sockets, this extension reel is ideal for most dry environment applications, whether indoor, outdoor or in the workshop. It is ideal for giving added mobility to power tools in mobile applications, such as heavy-duty power drills or electric hedge trimmer. It is a reliable tool for;

• DIY and home improvements
• Landscape gardening
• Maintenance and custodial work