DekDrain A15 1m Plastic Channel + Plastic Grating

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DekDrain A15 channel drainage system is the perfect system for gardens, patios, public pedestrian areas, driveways, garage thresholds, and light traffic areas. It’s stylish yet strong design and user-friendly features make it perfect for installation by both professionals and DIYers with results you’ll always be happy with!

Measuring 1000mm (L) x 114mm (W) x 78mm (H), and available in new linear bar design plastic grating or slotted galvanised steel grating.


Why DekDrain A15 Plastic Linear Bar?

  • Low profile (78mm) – reduces excess excavation, saving time and hassle

  • The silky-smooth body will get less friction and enable higher water flow, promoting self-cleaning and therefore require much less costly and irritating maintenance

  • Simple and Secure socket and spigot slide-in connection

  • Clip and connect 110mm outlets and terminating end caps – no fiddly screws or tools needed

  • 2 knockout bottom outlet points at either end of the channel – drainage runs are easily accommodated

  • Incorporates a spigot cutting point at 500mm. When cut it will maintain the joint integrity throughout the channel run, eliminating any stepping or sinkage

  • Higher water disruption, creating a weir type effect, higher water flow

  • Higher water flow self cleans the system – less maintenance required

  • More water goes into the drain – less ponding around the drain

  • Stylish and unique design

Additional information

Weight 7.56 kg
Dimensions 100 × 11.4 × 7.8 cm