CT1 Peel Tec

CT1 Peel Tec is a revolutionary new product that removes all kinds of paints from all kinds of surfaces safely! It leaves behind a perfect surface which can be repainted or left as is. See the video below to learn more!
£14.39 inc VAT per 500ml can
£11.99 ex VAT
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CT1 Peel Tec

  • Peel Tec is a brand new product complimenting the rest of the C-Tec Product Range.
  • Say goodbye to those tedious and unsafe methods of removing paint such as heat, harsh solvents and mechanical methods.
  • Peel Tec is very easy to use from a handy aerosol, with a unique nozzle, delivering the right amount of product onto any given surface.
  • Peel Tec acts fast. Simply spray and, in less than ten minutes, watch that paint peel away. INCREDIBLE!
  • Due to Peel Tec’s unique formulation it will not damage the base material and prepares the surface perfectly for re-coating.
  • Peel Tec is unbelievably versatile and works on almost all materials with the same clinical efficiency.
  • This unique product will reduce labour considerably with no dangerous vapours or accidental scratching.
    and it gets even better
    Peel Tec is 100% Methyl Chloride FREE!
    See Peel Tec in action by watching the video below!


    Product Characteristics

    Gel structure. Removes old layers of paint and lacquer on surfaces of stone, asphalt, metal & wood. Should be stored at room temperature, application temperature: 5 – 30°C. Coverage: Approximately 0.8 m².