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Decking at Richards Builders Merchants, All You Need To Know

Going back 10 years or so, if you wanted decking, your only real option was treated softwood boards. Whilst treated softwood boards are still a popular option, there are a huge range of other designs and materials now available making your choice a little more difficult. Composite boards, made up of wood fibres and plastic components are becoming increasingly popular, providing a whole new look with increased longevity. Here we've put together a handy guide giving you an overview of some of the other types of decking available.

Timber Decking

treated decking board
We'll start with the good old timber decking. It's cheap, easy to work with and it looks good. Given proper treatment it will last reasonably well too, but herein lies the problem. Anyone who's ever had timber decking will know, it rots, especially with the wet weather we get! Whilst there are a range of preservers and treatments available, unless you apply these regularly to the whole board, it is hard to prevent the inevitable.

These days a majority of timber decking, including our own timber decking range, is green pressure treated. This process involves placing the timber in a tank and extracting the air, creating a vacuum. Then a preservative solution is added, which is subsequently forced deep into the timber. Whilst it'll still succumb to rot eventually, it does make the wood much more durable and able to withstand damage and exposure to moisture.

Another common issue with standard timber decking is that it can be slippery when wet. in response to this, there are a number of alternative decking products available to combat this. We do keep a small range of these products in stock. Learn more

Anti-slip Decking

anti slip decking board
Anti-slip decking boards are standard green pressure treated boards with anti-slip strips added into some of the grooves. This greatly improves the boards grip levels, as well as adding in a different look!

Learn more

Walksure Decking

A slip resistant product which combines EPDM rubber and pressure treated softwood deck board. The resulting product provides not only an attractive and colourful alternative to traditional timber decking but also a safe slip resistant surface in wet or dry conditions. Walksure decking is also PEFC certified and has a 15 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay, subject to correct installation and treatment of cut timber. WalkSure is rated as 'low potential for slip' tested to BS 7976 part 2. Learn more

WalkSure decking boards have been chosen for use at commercial attractions such as Drayton Manor Theme Park and Edinburgh Zoo due to it's low-slip surface.


Here's a different one! These GrasseDeck boards feature a strip of artificial grass on treated softwood boards. GrasseDeck is easy to clean and retains an all year round soft and springy green appearance, so no more weeding, sowing or mowing!

GrasseDeck grass effect decking is PEFC certified and has a 15 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay, subject to correct installation and treatment of cut timber. We don't keep GrasseDeck as a stocked item, but we can order it in within a couple of days. Learn more

Composite Decking

Composite decking has come ahead leaps and bounds in recent years. As mentioned, it is more often than not, a mixture of recycled wood fibres and plastic which makes it much more durable. Compared to standard timber decking, composite wont fade in the sun, split or rot. Most composite decking feature long guarantees too! Aside from a quick wash with some soapy water, composite decking doesn't really require any maintenance, so it is pretty much a case of fit and forget.

The finish of composite decking board is also more consistent – each board of a composite deck is the same colour and texture, whereas timber decking can have discrepancies and variations such as knots. Composite decking keeps it's look for much longer without the need for regular maintenance, so if you would like a hassle-free decked area, this is the better option.

HD Dual Deck Composite Decking **NEW**

dual deck composite decking

HD Dual Deck Composite decking boards have an unrivalled likeness to timber which really sets it apart from other composite decking available. The natural wood grain not only looks great, but also offers maximum performance against stains and fading. HD Dual Deck also features a 25 year guarantee!

The dual-sided composite decking board offers two colour options in one, providing the opportunity to lay a deck with contrasting colours to create a bespoke finish. Available in 4 eye catching colours. Learn more

HD Dual Deck also has the equivalent of more than 3,000 recycled plastic bottle caps per square metre!

Metsa Composite Deck Board

Metsa composite decking

A natural looking, splinter-free surface that is easy to clean and will last for many years.

No need to paint, seal, stain or even waterproof. This composite decking is ideal wherever exceptional durability and weather resistance are required. Made from 90% recycled hardwood and polyethylene products, Composite is eco-friendly and long lasting. Learn more

These deck boards have been independently tested and conform to having a low potential for slip. It is also has a 10 year guarantee. We don't keep these boards in stock, but can usually order then in within a couple of days.

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Meanwhile we'll keep our fingers crossed for a good summer!

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