Let there be light!.. In your loft!

Lofts are often one of those vast areas which, until recently, few people utilise. Just taking a look down the average street, it is apparent that loft conversions are gaining in popularity. With families growing and house prices rising, nifty new ways to boost space are being sought to expand original properties on a budget. So if you’re looking to create that extra space, expanding into the loft is well worth considering…

A loft can easily be converted into a bedroom or an extra storage space. That dark, dingy area full of junk and cobwebs can become a much more habitable place; light, airy and spacious with the help of a roof window.

Roof windows are shown to let in twice the amount of light as vertical windows, and three times as much as dormer windows. It’s not just light either, having the sun shining in brings a lot of heat into the room, but with double or even triple glazing, that warmth is kept in saving you money on heating too. Of course, there is the added benefit of being able to open them, providing natural ventilation and temperature control in the room. So in a nutshell, roof windows bring the best of the outside inside!

So what’s the difference between a skylight and roof window? Technically, a roof window is fixed and does not open, whereas a skylight does open. These days, both terms are used interchangeably so one can mean the other, so it’s always best to check what you’re actually getting.

Another benefit of using a roof window during a loft conversion is that they seldom require planning permission as they are considered a ‘permitted development’, which is one less thing to worry about!

The range of roof windows is vast, there are types and sizes to meet whatever roof type or gradient you may have. Many manufacturers are also offering long guarantees of up to 20 years, so you can sleep easy knowing you’re buying a quality product.

Here at Richards, we stock many different types and sizes of roof windows including well known brands such as; Velux, Dakea and Fakro, so why not pop in or give us a call on 01579 320121 to see how we can help!

Chip chip chippings!

Decorative chippings and gravel can be the perfect way to breathe new life into your outside space. They’re cheap, look good and are available in more colours and sizes than anybody could imagine. Although, there are a few small things to remember so bear these in mind and you’re good to go…

1) Consider where the chippings are going to go;

Driveways live a hard life; the weight of multiple vehicles moving around can leave a mess if the correct type of chipping hasn’t been used. We recommend that larger (20mm) more angular chippings are used as they are inclined to lock together, creating a sturdier surface that is less likely to rut and leave grooves. It is also worth selecting more hardwearing chippings, such as granite or flint; these will last and wear much better than more delicate types, such as slate. Pathways follow a similar rule; however we would still recommend a minimum size of 14mm. This is large enough to avoid the chippings getting stuck to the bottom of shoes and boots, but small enough not to be too uncomfortable underfoot.

2) Preparation is the key;

A good sturdy base in this case. If the soil isn’t compacted, dig down at least 4-6 inches (100mm-150mm) and lay a flat layer of hardcore gravel and ensure this is compacted down. When the base seems solid, lay down the top layer of chippings at a depth of no more than 4 inches (100mm). Don’t forget to lay some permeable membrane underneath to stop any weed growth.

3) For decorative purposes;

keep it simple. Just dig down to the desired depth, lay some weed suppressing membrane, and place the chippings on top. Don’t forget to install some sort of edging to keep the chippings in check. Timber edging is cheap and easy, but bricks and cobbles offer a more permanent solution, these can also be set in concrete which is more appealing on the eye!Here at Richards, we stock all you could possibly need for landscaping your garden and all delivered to your door.

We stock Granite, Golden Flint, Plumb Slate and Blue Elvin chippings and are also looking into stocking some other unique colours and designs, so keep an eye out! We supply our chippings loose, or in 25kg, ½ bulk bags (approx. 450kg), or full bulk bags (approx. 900kg), in sizes 10mm,14mm and 20mm. Sorted!

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