Let there be light!.. In your loft!

Lofts are often one of those vast areas which, until recently, few people utilise. Just taking a look down the average street, it is apparent that loft conversions are gaining in popularity. With families growing and house prices rising, nifty new ways to boost space are being sought to expand original properties on a budget.

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Chip chip chippings!

Decorative chippings and gravel can be the perfect way to breathe new life into your outside space. They’re cheap, look good and are available in more colours and sizes than anybody could imagine. Although, there are a few small things to remember so bear these in mind and Read more

Feeling flush? Don’t ‘loos’ out!

Public toilets, have you ever fancied owning your very own block? No, thought not. The idea quite literally stinks, or does it?  Due to a further slash in public finances, Cornwall Council were left no choice but to search for further ways to cut costs, £196 million to be precise.

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