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Dickie’s winter waterproofs! Rainwear That’s Up To The Job

Waterproof clothing & Rainwear at Richards Builders Merchants

There is nothing quite like our good old Cornish weather, especially at the moment with the pounding we’re taking from storm’s Abigail and Barney! Normal going on though, our seasons are determined by the temperature of the rain, and how quickly it can turn an umbrella into an instrument of torture. But still, it gives us something to moan about right?

For many years man has required waterproof clothing, right back to the days where tribes had to go out and physically catch and prepare their breakfast, lunch and dinner. If things weren’t bad enough, they also had to catch and prepare their own waterproofs too! Apparently the answer was dried seal and whale intestines, which were waterproof, thin and lightweight, but also air-permeable allowing air to escape, much like the modern waterproof then!

Luckily for us, things have now moved on with the development and advancement of cotton and synthetic materials, for example nylon and PVC. This not only allows a waterproof to be comfortable and breathable (also windproof), but cheap and of good quality too.

With this, no-one should let themselves suffer to the mercy of our Cornish weather! Here at Richards, we have a selection of waterproof clothing that should meet your needs whatever they may be. Whether it’s just a lightweight coat for out and about in some mizzle, or a full ‘coverall’ for the very worst winter gale by the sea, we can ensure you’re kitted up.

CLICK HERE to see our full and comprehensive range of rainwear and waterproof clothing.

Apart from great products, we also offer that friendly and personal touch, whether you’re in the trade or a DIYer you’re guaranteed that same excellent service with a smile.

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Thanks For Making Our 50th Birthday A MASSIVE success

On behalf of everyone at Richards Builders Merchants, we’d like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who attended our 50th Birthday bash on Friday. Despite the wet start, the sun soon came out and shone down on what turned out to be a superb day. We had loads of people turn up, watching the demonstrations and helping themselves to a burger, overall giving the day a very good vibe. Finally to top things off, we had the grand cutting of our fantastic cake! Many thanks to Lisa Marshall and her top baking skills!

The day also marked the unveiling of our new shop extension, which is packed full of power tools, rain-wear and a new range of Scruffs clothing, which proved to be very popular! Not as popular as ‘Well Burger Me’, our catering on the day though, which had to restock after lunch!Another big success on the day was our charity raffle! Just shy of £380 was raised in total for the Merlin MS Centre in St Austell, a charity with a personal connection to Richards Builders Merchants as RBM partner Adrian Richards suffers from MS. Adrian is a regular user of the Merlin Centre and has nothing but praise for the service it offers. So a big thank you to all who entered the raffle & donated towards this worthy cause.

Below is a list of the raffle winners & prizes.

1st: Toolbox with tools – Andy Collins
2nd: £50 Richards Builders Merchants voucher – Brian Mitchell
3rd: Crate of Doombar – Davina Hart
4th: Drill bit set – John Rogers
5th: Screwdriver set – Jenny & Neil – (Tiflex)
6th: Stanley saw – Raymond Pearce
7th: 1 case of Big Phil – Jacko
8th: 1 case of Big Phil – Chris Sargent
9th: Jacobs Selection Red wine – Bob Crowden
10th: Jacobs Selection White wine – Colin Barrett

£100 of Scruffs Clothing: Jenny & Neil (Tiflex)

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years, roll on the next 50!

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1965 – 50 years of Richards Builders Merchants

The swinging 60’s were in full force, pop music and fashion were all the rage and a loaf of bread cost just 5p! Sony marketed the first video tape recorder, the average house price was £2,530 and the top selling car was the humdrum Austin/Morris 1100. But perhaps more importantly 1965 was also the year when Richards Builders Merchants was founded, by Maurice Richards, an agricultural contractor from St Neot.

After attending an auction he bought up the buildings from a disused army barracks, re-erected what he wanted and after being approached by a number of people, sold them the remainder of the timber he hadn’t used. Spotting a gap in the market, Maurice started to buy in reclaimed timber from buildings that were being demolished around the country. This turned out to be a good move; the business went from strength to strength, moving to the current site in Doublebois in the late 60’s.

Sadly Maurice passed away in 1981, but his sons Kevin and Adrian have been running the business ever since, extending the premises along the way to offer a more comprehensive range and keep up with demand. Sadly Adrian was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005, but still remains a big part of the business.

It wouldn’t seem right to let this 50 year landmark pass on by, so here at RBM we’ve decided to throw a party to celebrate! On Friday 18th September we will be giving away some special goodie bags containing commemorative cups, pens and an awful lot more. We will also be reducing prices, running some amazing offers, and giving people the chance to win all sorts of prizes, such as £100 worth of Scruffs clothing, drills, a fully kitted up toolbox, beer and even a mini fridge!

There will also be various suppliers in attendance who will be showcasing their products, plus some epic demonstrations. If that wasn’t good enough, there will also be a burger van in attendance.This party will also coincide with the opening of our new shop extension, which includes a comprehensive range of Scruffs workwear, from boots to work trousers! It will also include a new range of power tools to give our customers a greater choice, all at fantastic prices!

All proceeds from the day will be donated to the Merlin MS Centre in St Austell.

So make sure you put the 18th September in your diary, and pop down and celebrate with us!

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Get shedding with Amazing Sheds!

The humble garden shed, most of us have one, yet hardly any of us can say it serves us any purpose other than storing general garden related clutter and some generously sized spiders. There are however, a few individuals who have proved this statement very, very wrong and are fighting for the infamous shed of the year title and a prize fund of £1000!

Channel 4 are currently showing a second series of ‘Amazing spaces, shed of the year’, where they search the country for those who have gone quite a bit further and turned their shed into something quite spectacular!

You might be surprised to learn that this isn’t just a few eccentric old guys with too much time on their hands. The competition has received almost 2000 entries with a whole host of clever yet wacky designs. It appears to have quite a following too, with over 20,000 members of the public voting for their favourite design out of 8 separate categories, with the winner of each going through to a grand final.

Some of the ingenious entries include a two storey teapot, made entirely from reclaimed materials with an old hand drill operating the lid. If this wasn’t peculiar enough, then one individual has turned his shed into a WWII Blitz museum, throwing you back to the 1940’s. It consists of 5 different sheds, all showing different scenes from that time.

So if this makes you feel like tackling this super special shed challenge, or if you simply want to tidy up an existing shed, why not let us here at Richards Builders Merchants help you out. We supply all that you will need, from shiplap in sizes 4×2 and 5×4, to a range tanalised boards. Not to mention other products such as wood preservers and felt for the roof, all at very competitive prices.

Remember we can also cut to whatever size you may require, so why not pop in or call one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff on 01579 320121 to see how we can help!

‘Amazing spaces; shed of the year’ next airs on Sunday 12th July at 8pm on channel 4, with the overall winner being announced on August 7th.Until next timeRBM

Let there be light!.. In your loft!

Lofts are often one of those vast areas which, until recently, few people utilise. Just taking a look down the average street, it is apparent that loft conversions are gaining in popularity. With families growing and house prices rising, nifty new ways to boost space are being sought to expand original properties on a budget. So if you’re looking to create that extra space, expanding into the loft is well worth considering…

A loft can easily be converted into a bedroom or an extra storage space. That dark, dingy area full of junk and cobwebs can become a much more habitable place; light, airy and spacious with the help of a roof window.

Roof windows are shown to let in twice the amount of light as vertical windows, and three times as much as dormer windows. It’s not just light either, having the sun shining in brings a lot of heat into the room, but with double or even triple glazing, that warmth is kept in saving you money on heating too. Of course, there is the added benefit of being able to open them, providing natural ventilation and temperature control in the room. So in a nutshell, roof windows bring the best of the outside inside!

So what’s the difference between a skylight and roof window? Technically, a roof window is fixed and does not open, whereas a skylight does open. These days, both terms are used interchangeably so one can mean the other, so it’s always best to check what you’re actually getting.

Another benefit of using a roof window during a loft conversion is that they seldom require planning permission as they are considered a ‘permitted development’, which is one less thing to worry about!

The range of roof windows is vast, there are types and sizes to meet whatever roof type or gradient you may have. Many manufacturers are also offering long guarantees of up to 20 years, so you can sleep easy knowing you’re buying a quality product.

Here at Richards, we stock many different types and sizes of roof windows including well known brands such as; Velux, Dakea and Fakro, so why not pop in or give us a call on 01579 320121 to see how we can help!